About Us

Dr. Ramon De La Puerta is the Medical Director and Chief Scientific Officer of R3 Stem Cell International and Zignagenix Integrative Medicine as well as the Chief editor of his Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine blog https://drramon.com/ and has been working in integrative regenerative & stem cell therapy to promote and improve the health of his patients for almost a decade and has done over 11,000 procedures in the US and Mexico.   With over eight years of being at the forefront of regenerative therapies in Mexico, he is a pioneer in the country. His success has its roots in his unique background of expertise in Stem cell biology, Genetics, Traditional and Alternative Therapies, and extensive clinical experience.

Under his leadership, R3 and Zignagenix have developed first-rate protocols for many medical conditions which optimize the patient’s outcome. Dr. De La Puerta oversees the highly skilled team of specialists who collaborate to make R3’s treatments very safe, with quality standards that exceed any clinic you will find in Mexico or in the USA. Dr. De La Puerta is multilingual and has an exceptional bedside manner, patients appreciate that he provides all the time necessary to answer questions, provide clinical information, and basically provide the knowledge that is critical to patients understanding their healthcare decisions fully. He is also collaborating in several publications and clinical studies in Integrative Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine. And is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.